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Property Projects Limited strives to create happier homes with each new Design & Renovation. Read what a few of our clients had to say about our services!

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Property Projects Ltd. I am THRILLED with my new kitchen. The people at Property Projects were responsible for a total transformation from a 1970’s kitchen to a 21st century one. 

Kitchen renovations are one of the most stressful things a home owner can do at the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic. The people at Property Projects made it easy. They listened to what I wanted, provided me with sensible options for my needs and budget, and kept me informed at all stages of the project. 

Kiersten has a very special talent for re-thinking a space and coordinating functionality and appearance. The various trades people were extremely courteous, cleaned up after their work was done, and answered all of my questions without making me feel silly for asking my questions. I also appreciated the fact that Property Projects deal primarily with local suppliers whenever possible. 

If you are looking for a home renovation team, I highly recommend Property Projects Ltd.

G. McGrath

I first contacted Property Projects in March 2019 in regard to a complete kitchen renovation. By complete, I mean floor, counters, cupboards – everything was to be replaced. Work started in the beginning of July. Unfortunately, once everything was down to the studs, the dreadful state of the walls, ceiling and floor of my kitchen became evident. A structural engineer was called in, and many unanticipated repairs had to be made before the actual renovation could resume.

As you can imagine, this resulted in both higher costs and a complete alteration of the schedule. Throughout, Ryan and his team were calm and professional while dealing with these hurdles. I enjoyed having them in the house, I enjoyed working with Kiersten the designer, and in the end I am very happy with my new kitchen. There are always going to be unforeseen problems in any renovation, but I can’t think of a better crowd to go through them with.

I am happy to recommend Ryan, Kiersten and their team of professionals.

Debbie McGee

Sometimes things go wrong, but when they do you’ll be happy you hired us! Here is what one customer had to say when a brand new floor we had just finished needed to be replaced because of an issue with the product and Property Projects stepped in to make sure our customer was taken care of:

Well, to say we are extremely pleased would be a understatement! The new floor
Is beautiful. It is 150% different and better. What a difference.
I would like to say thank you for the effort and service.
It took a lot to get here today. Again, thank you. It has meant a lot to us.
We are very grateful to you and your team.

Dave and Perri Brazill

My husband and I recently purchased a house that had a large unfinished basement. For months we pondered about what to do with the space. We knew we wanted a unique home bar/pub setup and an area for storage, relaxing and home brewing, we just didn’t know where to start with our concept. That’s where Property Projects stepped in and took the reins.

We had worked with Ryan and his crew months earlier when we hired them to build a large privacy fence for our yard. Completely satisfied with their work on that small project, we called Ryan to take a look at our space. Without hesitation he came and presented us with a design concept that fit our needs and a superb contract that was clear, concise and reasonably priced.

Throughout the entire process we were very comfortable and confident in his (and the crews) skills and knowledge. The workers were incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The attention to details (our suggestions and needs) and the quality of their work is what I think distinguishes themselves in their field.

Property Projects is down-to-earth respectful and caring company with the best people to work with. They have excellent worksmanship and outstanding management capabilities. They do an incredible job, take pride in their work and really want to make the customer happy. We have and continue to be thoroughly impressed with Ryan and his team. My husband and I have no hesitation in recommending Property Projects to our friends and colleagues.

In the end, they transformed our giant open space into a masterpiece! And we can’t thank them enough.

Kathy and Bob

For honest and responsible contractors that perform high quality work, I highly recommend you go with Property Projects. We had Property Projects finish our basement and they were literally a dream to do business with. They managed the project from start to finish and always kept us informed. Most importantly, they remained true to their word when it came to keeping within budget. We need more companies like Property Projects in Newfoundland. I’m happy to talk about my positive experience with Property Projects to anyone that is interested in using their services. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for more information.

Derek Porter

We have had such a great experience using Property Projects. They listened to not only the specifics that we wanted, but the reasons that we wanted them. Because of this attention they were able to offer their experience and advice before we began the renovation. Part of our contract with them was for them to be responsible for coordinating any of the sub-contractors that would be needed during the work, i.e. plumbing, plastering and painting, etc. Because they were confident in their work and in the work of the people they hired we had no complications during the renovations. They kept us updated on the progress of the job, but knowing that we could contact them at any time and that they would respond quickly was very reassuring. We have already had them back to do two other renovations on our property and are planning on using them again in the future.

Bill and Alison Bassett

We decided to have Property Projects do our renovation because they were honest, up front, and explained everything. They were available to discuss the renovation and did a few urgent things for us that were not part of the original project. Ryan and Merle were considerate of our time and made sure the work was done as requested. Changes were handled as efficiently as possible. The work was well done and we would employ their services again if needed. We would recommend them for your renovation.

Dave and Perri

In 2013, I needed a contractor to do a major renovation on the bedroom area of our house. We were decreasing the number of bedrooms, adding a walk-in closet and ensuite, and completely updating the main bathroom. My husband was working outside the country, so I needed someone who would involve me in every aspect of the project. A friend of mine referred me to Property Projects and I met Ryan Peyton. When I think back on that meeting, I realize it was my lucky day. Ryan and I did a walk-through of the proposed reno area and talked about everything I wanted done. Ryan left the meeting promising to get back to me with a quote on the job, and that’s exactly what he did. And so began my relationship with Property Projects.

The best things about Property Projects:

  1. I was provided with a contract outlining exactly what the contractor was responsible for and what I was responsible for. We carefully went through the contract to make sure everything had been included and the timelines were clear. This meant there were no surprises once the project started.
  2. The communication between the contractor, the project manager and me was excellent. I was kept in the loop about everything. At one point, I had to leave the province for a week due to a family emergency. But because of the trust we’d built, I was able to leave with confidence knowing the project would not be affected by my travel.

The best compliment I can give to Property Projects is that in 2014 we asked the company to come back and to do a major update of the rest of our house. Stucco ceilings were pulled down, new hardwood floors and porcelain tiles were laid, old hardwood floors were refinished to match the colour of the new ones, the old staircase was removed and replaced with a modern one, crown moldings and new doors were added, bathroom was updated, and plastering and painting were completed. Second time around I was more than pleased again with Property Projects.

Now that our house has been renovated and upgraded, I don’t think I’ll be needing the services of Property Projects any time soon. However, when people come to my house and ask who did the renovation, I’m proud to say Property Projects. And I’ve given Ryan Peyton’s contact information to lots of folks.

Good luck to Property Projects in their future work.

Brenda Byrd

We would like to thank Property Projects for the tremendous renovation work they have done in our home. Ryan has provided basement renovation in our home. What impressed us most, in addition to the quality work and professionalism of his team of sub-contractors, was the outstanding level of service provided through the entire process.

Our renovation included building a bedroom with walk-in closet, office, washroom, as well as kitchen floor, exterior door to the deck, and deck stairs. The renovations exceeded our expectations, even with our requests for additional work, which were handled without any issue.

Ryan has a great wealth of knowledge in renovations with innovative ideas and a lot of good common sense. He brings an appreciation for quality work and his enthusiasm and attitude were much appreciated. He has assembled a very talented team of specialists in all the required trades.

We hold Ryan in high regard and wholeheartedly recommended him for any renovation project.

Alex & Sun Lee

I’ll start by saying that we are pleased with the work completed by Property Projects Limited and we would absolutely want to work with them again in the future.
The quality of work was great, but the quality of work is not the essential reason someone should consider this company. The essential reason you should consider them is their level of customer service. Ryan, the owner, is just a fantastic person to deal with.

In any project, there’ll be bumps in the road and timelines will be impacted but with this company and particularly with Ryan, things get handled. He is professional, friendly, straight forward and just a pleasure to work with. If we had an issue, we contacted Ryan, he would discuss the issue with us and/or his team and the issue would be addressed. Great guy and his right hand man, Merle is also a great person to deal with.
Completing a project in your home is intrusive by nature, so you want people who are good to deal with and believe in a high standard of work. We felt we found that with Property Projects Limited.

Jay McGrath